Anne Rynne

Anne Rynne’s wonderful debut album.

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I am a singer of songs. – Anne Rynne

I am a member of a “singing” family and I was always very shy when asked to sing, so much so that for most of my life I didn’t really sing. A few years back  my son Davog, who lives in France, said to me : “Ma would you ever learn a couple of new songs and come over and join me in a song circle”? OK says I, why not!

So began a whole new adventure for me. Fast forward a couple of years and I am in conversation with my brother Barry, telling him that I fancied being a “funky” granny, and that I was going to learn the ukulele. No comment from him!
But next time he came to my house he was carrying a guitar. He handed it to me saying : “I’m not giving you this, I’m loaning it to you for fifty years, on condition that you play it every day”. Oh but this was some challenge and one that I grasped with both hands and it has honestly changed my life. Barry has been a great mentor and his advice has really helped me to find my voice.

This new life of mine has brought so much peace, joy and downright happiness like I have never felt before. I feel totally privileged to have found my voice and cannot believe as I write these words that this is what I now do.  So here you have it, my debut album. I am a singer of songs.


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