Jon Kenny – Words Lies and Songs LIVE in The Attic, Hotel Doolin on Saturday 14th October at 8 PM

Anam Music Presents

Jon Kenny

October 14, 2023
The Attic, Hotel Doolin


“Words Lies & Stories.

“After two years and a bit in solitary confinement and not being within an ass’s roar of fellow mad souls bar myself ,it’s time for me to let off a bit of steam,let my feckin flowing locks down me back and have a bit of craic”….

Join one of Ireland’s greatest liars who believes that if it wasn’t for his strict catholic upbringing he would never have gotten into comedy.

“Who made the world young Kenny he asked me”?

“I don’t know Father..but my uncle Mike the Builder says who ever it was made a right balls off it”

“Venial sins were a great thing as you could make up as many mad stories as you liked,lie till you were blue in the face and you had blackened your tongue completely,let the mind run wild then wipe the slate face and tongue clean once a week in confession. Between the church and British Rule,all decent Irish people develop the ability to avoid a straight answer at all costs.. Some might say that’s a bit harsh but… “It is and it isn’t”…depending!        

‘’Tall Tales & Stories Of D’unexpected and Other Lies”is a look back through story song and writing at all the weird and wonderful crazy times that were part of my life;

touring with the band from Effin to Abbey Road running off with a dance company,singing ballads in Zambia,performing in Moscow,working mens clubs in England, gowling around in Galbally,acting the flute in Finore but knowing “no matter where you were in the world you couldn’t throw a stone without hitting a Paddy’’ (Jon Kenny)

 Believe it or not……..(to be continued)!

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October 14, 2023
The Attic, Hotel Doolin
€ 24.57
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