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When Pat Ryan and Eoin O’Neill joined forces to set up Anam Music in Co Clare it was their combined love of the music that created a company dedicated to the comfort of both performer and listener. They invited musicians to the county and set up the concert experience that both men themselves would appreciate. The music creates a community and Anam Music makes the concert a social occasion where people with a common love of the music can meet up at the regular concerts and enjoy new friendships. It’s all about the music.

Anam Music take great pride in inviting performers from all over to play in County Clare and also have a huge passion for promoting the great singers and musicians who are spread all over the county. It’s all about the music.

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Pat Ryan of Anam Music
Eoin O'Neill of Anam Music

Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan and his wife Geraldine moved to Co Clare in 2017. The music was everywhere and Pat developed bonds and friendships with many of the performers and those that devote their lives to the music. He began to help out with the official side of their careers through Pat Ryan Music Services. and with the setting up of Anam Music he envisaged a platform to perform to a listening audience.

Eoin O'Neill

Eoin O Neill is a musician who has been steeped in the music of County Clare for decades. As an accompanist in Traditional Music he see’s his role as giving his fellow musicians a comfort zone where he provides the cushion to allow them to concentrate on playing better. Anam Music is a natural extension of this philosophy as Pat and himself provide the comfort zone for the performers to have the comfort and the intimacy to excel.

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